5 Reasons Why Naked Dating Shows are the Worst Possible Idea Ever

Reality dating shows are nothing new. From Love Connection to The Bachelor, couples are making asses of themselves trying to attain on television for many years .
But apparently that wasn’t enough, because Hollywood has introduced a replacement sort of dating show during which contestants are letting it ALL hang around for the house TV audience to ogle and, of course, judge. Welcome to Dating Naked! Yes, naked. Like, actually naked. Apparently, it’s all the craze .
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Sadly, it seems the network executives overlooked all the potential hazards which may arise during a butt nude rendezvous. And I’ve outlined all of them in my first article over on Elite Daily! (Hint: penises and vaginas and assholes, oh my!)
If you haven’t yet heard of Elite Daily, it’s pretty addictive and has been called “like BuzzFeed without pets” by the ny Times. Sorry, cat ladies (self included).